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Sample policy

As the nature of the business, we receive sample requests all the time. We understand that seeing a sample can assure you the quality of our products, therefore we are happy to make and send samples. However the individual cost of making one piece of product is MUCH MUCH higher than making thousands of products. Hence do not be surprised when we ask you to pay for the sample. We make reasonable charges for making samples and sending samples. In most cases, the charge for making samples are refunded fully or partially after your order. Unfortunately, the charge for sending samples are non-refundable. The amount of refundable and non-refundable charges will be made clear to you when you request for sample.

There are different scenarios of samples.

Presentation sample

If you see a bag on our website, and like it, and want to check and feel it in your hand, feel free to contact us. However, please keep in mind if we keep a bag from a previous order, we only keep it for presentation purpose. In other words, we usually do not have spare ones to send out. But we can send some bag in the same category with the closest look and feel.

Pre-production samples

A pre-production sample can be a finished product made to your size and print when single print is possible, e.g. a screen printed non woven fabric bag; or prototype made to your design. Please be noted that in some cases single run is not possible, e.g. laminated printed woven PP bag. Our charge varies by costs, starting from £120. If it is refundable, we will state clearly on our sample quotation, with some condition, e.g. your orders accumulated to a certain amount.

Production samples

A production sample is a quality assurance sample randomly picked during or after production. You can come in person or we are happy to conduct a random sampling for you on site or at forwarders' warehouse. Since you have paid for all the products, you can have as many production samples as you need. Again production samples are free of charge.

Sample fabrics or other raw materials

Apart from product samples, you can also request sample fabrics, colour swatch, or accessories. In most cases, they are free.

Cost of sending samples

In all above scenarios, you need pay for the cost of sending samples. We will choose from DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX, or EMS, whoever serves you best. We do not recommend, and normally do not accept sending samples using your account. We have good deals with our couriers. The cost starts from £30, which is usually less than having the freight collected. As mentioned earlier, the cost of sending samples is non-refundable.

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